We are a family and community based therapy program for kids with needs.

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We teach your child road safety and cycling skills.

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We assess your child's current ability and set realistic goals.

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We build your child's confidence, independence and social skills.

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We empower your child to aspire to opportunities otherwise out of their reach.



Typical session

While each session is unique, a typical session runs for 80 minutes and includes:

  1. Walk through of the planned activities (10 minutes)

  2. Cycling training (15 minutes)

  3. Road safety training (15 minutes)

  4. Exercise therapy and games (15 minutes)

  5. Free riding and road safety practice (20 minutes)

  6. Reflection (5 minutes)

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Training manuals

You are granted access to training materials developed to support our learning program.

These manuals reinforce and extend class learning.

They will assist you to support your child’s progress.

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Ongoing support 

You are granted access to our online social media group comprised of Cyclabilities families and staff.

Here you can ask questions and draw on the experiences of others who understand your journey.

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Program cost

The total cost of the program is $550.

Yep that’s right.

You get this for less than the cost of a few of hours of therapy.

Our goal is not to make money.

In our own ways, each member of our team is a part of this community of kids with needs.

This program is an opportunity for us to support others sharing our experience.

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I am forever grateful for the way Cyclabilities changed our life and for the inspiration and influence it still has in our lives 12 months later.
— Bronwyn
I would highly recommend this program to any parent that is struggling with helping their child with learning to ride or road safety.
— Corrine
Cyclabilities is unique in that it harnesses play with an experienced, educated staff that directly enhances a child’s freedom on a bike while providing valuable real life knowledge.
— Kimberly


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